Company Profile



Tseyu International Trading Co. Ltd. is a well-established manufacturer and
marketer in Hong Kong for over two decades. We specialize in manufacturing high performance sewing threads & broad categories of garment accessories. Today we have already evolved into a market-driven and service-oriented organization supported by a strong manufacturing base in China.

Tseyu at present

Tseyu is one of the largest thread manufacturers in Hong Kong with the
highest number of colours (more that 1,500 colours) available for customer
choices. Our mission is to exceed your expectation. To achieve this we are
committed to the principles of comprehensive quality control to assure the
best quality standard that guarantee excellence.


I.Manufaturing Process and Inspection Points For Thread Production

II.Strict Quality Control

Toward our product's quality, we undertake strict control over all raw materials.
Today our factory - XINHUA THREAD CO. LTD. has gained ISO 9001:2000
certificate guarantee.


As a means of achieving brilliant and fast colours, all our dyestuffs are of high quality and imported from many advanced countries.

b.High Temperature and High Pressure Dyeing Process

During the dyeing operation, we adopt high temperature and high pressure dyeing machines to assure the colour fastness and the washing fastness is up to the international standard.

c.Advanced Winding Machines

For the aspect of sewing thread machinery, we have installed "VOLKMANN" twisting machines and winding machine "THREAD KING" to wind the threads in cone form automatically.

d.Consistently high quality inputs

We steadily increase spending on computerizing the manufacturing process. We apply special emulsified lubricants in dye bath, which contributed the thread with better sewabilities.

By using these superior machines and dyestuff, all our thread quality is well assured and up to the international standard. Our certification with the Oko-Tex Standard 100 Test No HKB 17829 is a good proof.

III.Environmental Protection

Besides all other factors, aresponsible and comprehensive environmental protection, maximum safety, high product quality and optimum commercial efficiency are equal priorities for Tseyu. We began monitoring effluent of dyed materials as early as we established our factory. All wasted water is being treated before releasing them to the outside environment and recycle.


Certificate Guarantee